Or did they sell their customer’s phone numbers?

Or maybe the completion of the Yahoo acquisition has triggered something?

Whatever it is – until today I had never received a single piece of spam as text through my phone … and maybe one spam phone call every couple of months.

Today, I have received 7 spam texts and 5 spam phone calls … and we still are only half way through the day.

What’s up with that?

            So it is clear which side Yahoo is on. From their business POV it makes total sense. I wonder if Google will follow suit? And when they do, what the free users of those services will do in turn.
  • Move ?
  • Accept It ?
  • Demand A Paid For Service From The Provider ?

The company says it’s not policy to do this — yet — but they’re testing locking Yahoo Mail users out of their accounts unless they turn off ad-blocking.

[ Source : Boing Boing ]