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The Parisian taxi drivers are partly protesting against economic regulations in cities where taxi drivers have to pay for expensive medallions while Uber drivers do not. But, in a larger sense, they’re actually protesting against our increased impatience. We don’t have time to wait for a cab, because someone around the corner is willing to do the same job more cheaply. Our phones make us more productive while we wait, and yet we don’t ever want to wait. As individuals, taxi drivers are stuck: their industry is controlled by outdated regulation and now they face ruthless free-market competition. Meanwhile, the habits and the expectations of their customers are changing—people are voting with their wallets and with their time. And that’s not something that protests in the streets, whether in Paris or Nottinghamshire, are likely to change.

My bold in the quote above – I 100 percent disagree with that thought.

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Never even thought about this as a potential service = stunningly simple it makes my head hurt. To me the biggest challenge is going to be overcoming the ‘status quo’ hurdles – lets call them government, laws, safety, no risk, lobbyists, protectionism – you know – the usual stuff that stops things happening in the West – while we watch them start up elsewhere.