The Gift That Keeps Giving.

This post from a couple of days ago was written in response to some responses I got re this post – and lo – a new one in today that is tangential to the thread – but reminds us all of the importance of facts.

If you recall one commenter wrote

Innocents being vaporized in an airport departure lounge or a Srebrenica-style massacre at a death metal concert is a lot different than desultory, one-on-one gang/domestic/criminal/police etc., violence.

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Updated March 31st, 2016
Engadget agrees - and they are only talking about the iPad !

appleIf the rumors are anything close to true, we are about to have 3 different iPhone sizes to choose from when we buy our next iPhone.

Over in ‘iPad land we already have 3 iPad sizes – mini, standard and pro. The pro has stuff that the non pro doesn’t – size aside (at least from tomorrow – seems to be the prediction).

The iTouch is yet another device rarely talked about, but still there – in the iPod family – an iPhone without the ability to make phone calls.

Some of these choices are wifi only (iTouch), but most allow you to have a GSM connection.

And the inevitable question, as you try to work out which you need and/or should have to do what you need to do … which one ? The naming convention alone is tough enough to work out …


[ the numbers down the left are current measures of the screen size in inches ]


Here’s a new thought – as the industry tries to work out what Apple is going to call the new iPad with the ‘pro’ moniker.

Let’s call them all the ‘iConnect’ – available in 5 sizes.

4,6,8,10 and 12 – model numbers NOT screen sizes – but map to the dimensions.

  • All with wifi connectivity
  • All with or without cellular connectivity
  • Choice of pro – or not.

I am writing this on an iPad and will upload through my GSM link – so in some ways this iPad is already available as a ‘phone’. It even has a phone number, though I just can’t use it as a phone, because the ‘phone app’ isn’t on the iPad.

Only 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch available as Pro – they would be the devices with the smart connector on the side that allows you to connect the external keyboard. The pencil would be available to work on any of the devices.

So instead of the choice above, you now have a single iConnect product, with 5 sizes and two variations to that size (colors excepted).


Every screen size comes with WiFi – your choice to add GSM – so you can make the device available to  – and of course only the 10 / 12 models are available as ‘Pro’ – that is the smart connector on the side to which you can connect your smart keyboard.

And no longer a decision as to what phone size you need to carry – or Apple needs to make.

What do you think ?

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More on 'Uber's Atomic Meltdown'

In general, it is not a great idea to put the brand of a company valued in the tens of billions of dollars in the hands of people who readily admit they don’t know what their own intentions are.

(To remind you they are talking about Travis ….

Kalanick is not a designer. He’s an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. Yet he refused to entrust the rebranding process to someone else…he studied up on concepts ranging from kerning to color palettes. “I didn’t know any of this stuff,” says Kalanick. “I just knew it was important, and so I wanted it to be good.”

I knooooow – you just read a couple of books and you are good to go – who needs training, experience, capability … or the bill for that matter !

The Original Piece Follows

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I read this today on Stowe's feed. I see a connection - how about you?


The outer layers tend to innovate faster and so pull along, or be stabilised by, the lower, slower layers. At the boundaries you get constructive turbulence, say between Uber and governance, or how the growth in video streaming requires Internet infrastructure to come along with it.

[ Source : Stewart Brand via Stowe Boyd ]

            <a href=""><img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1997" src="" alt="6875456-man-covers-his-nose-due-to-a-bad-smell" width="150" height="150" /></a><strong>.... but who will be charged ?</strong>

Remember a few days ago when I posted this …. essentially reminding you of the piece from November – when Joe Springer at Seeking Alpha explained the massive drop that AAPL was going through at the time – and would continue to do so – until Friday, just past. He forecast a drop to $500. The stock closed at – wait for it – $500.

Then we had the weekend.

Then We had MLK day – so TODAY is the first full day of buying after that deadline.

Today is January the 22nd.

Today APPL closed at 504.77 4.77(0.95%)

After Hours (at time of writing) it has climbed to 508.05 up an additional 3.28 (0.65%)

Meanwhile – tomorrow sees their earnings call, which I am predicting will blow away the nay sayers – and then we are off to the races – again!

[UPDATE 1 : and of course AAPL delivered results that bettered their own guidance – though did not quite hit what the ‘pros’ predicted – and after hours trading saw AAPL dive 10% overnight and continues to fall today – so far down 12.5%. Needless to say a GREAT time to buy]

[UPDATE 2 : Record Revenue – Record Profits – but the answer is to release a new cheaper iPhone – which would surely put even further pressure on margin – yup – thats a good strategy]

[UPDATE 3 : Seriously check out this piece on Bloomberg – and you figure out what is going on]

And once more the people I track will have called it. (Trust me – I am not an analyst – I listen, understand, network and triangulate … repeat) – and then occasionally write about, this is all their work and reporting But I do have an added advantage of ‘getting’ AAPL – there are quite a few of ‘us’ – but we are written off as ‘fanboys’. Whatever.

The fact is – if you want to listen to the people that TRULY get what is going on – it is there. I don’t have access to secret stuff. But it isnt what you generally read or hear …. that’s the crap that gets reported by the lazy mainstream press. Their logic is wrong, their facts are wrong and their conclusions are wrong. OK – sometimes right – but that has to be attributed to luck and serendipity.

But the sad thing is that like so much news – we keep building on the incorrect facts and conclusions – until it becomes the truth.

In many ways – AAPL is a small example of the problem with so much of the world. Because we are told they are the ‘experts’ – they are the ‘experts’ – so we listen to the ‘experts’. The question is though – what is their agenda ? Who’s side are they on ?

This time round, all the professionals will have manipulated their calls to maximize their returns = and the cry of ‘foul’ will have gone unnoticed, except by people paying attention.

Of course – I don’t know if AAPL is being manipulated – but it sure smells like it.

(and for full disclosure – I don’t own AAPL stock – and wont be buying any in the near future)

And before you get angry about Apple – have a read of this aswell.