The news about The UK's Independent ceasing print may have crossed your bows today.


Two points.

This is a newspaper that was born (easily) in my lifetime (1986), I actually remember the launch – and when in the UK, an avid reader (yes the print version and yes even today). In an industry where Newspaper lives are measured in centuries, to see one born and die in my lifetime is a measure of speed of change.

Meanwhile, The Guardiana much older newspaper, fully embraced the idea of digital very early.  By embracing, not rejecting, digital it not only lives .. it thrives.

            <blockquote>What saved him then, he says, was joining up with his old friend Jarvis Cocker during Pulp’s tour for their bucolic 2001 album, <em>We Love Life</em>.</blockquote>

richard hawley

Richard Hawley is one of the best. Album after album – he makes it seem so easy – but – like all great art – it isn’t – and all is not what it seems.

[ Source : The Guardian ]