JP-FractalTwo observations as I sit on the JFK tarmac waiting for my Virgin America to take off.

(Point of Order … this link originally pointed to Virgin America … and now – today on September 19th, 2018 – I have updated it to point to Alaska Air. Because Virgin America was bought by Alaska Air – and today they sent me an email. I specifically kept the Virgin America reference – because it was a Virgin America flight I was writing about – that said – Alaska Air are another airline I keep in the ‘very good’ category – I never fly Delta if I can help it.)

The first centers around weather sophistication. Here on Virgin we are taking off just 4 hours and Thirty minutes after the advertised time – apparently ‘due to bad weather in SFO’. A phone call ahead told me that there had indeed been rain falling in the early hours of the day – but not now – and likely not in the 5 or so hours that will pass before we land. So what’s that about ?

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