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Scott Shatford, 35, said he’s not concerned about a Santa Monica, California, home-sharing ordinance that took effect in June. It prohibits stays of less than 30 days in homes where the host isn’t living, with fines of as much as $500 per day. He said enforcing the ban will be difficult for the city because Airbnb listings don’t include addresses.

Does anything read wrongly about that quote to you ?

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They aren’t as bad as Uber in their flaunting of the law …

… but the longer they do it

  • the less taxes arrive to support a city/county/state
  • the more drain on those same services
  • the less rooms and properties there are for people who just want to live
  • the more temptation for the owners who are sharing their space – not to share their income with the IRS

Airbnb gets less press than Uber, but in some respects its even more radical: understanding how it works leads one to question many of the premises of modern society from hotels to regulations. It’s an important marker in the Internet Revolution.


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[ Source : Airbnb and the Internet Revolution
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