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I collect memes that resonate and this morning found this one, which prompted me to publish them all to a new web site. From time to time I will choose a new one to share.

The Full Collection

            I don't know Stathis Gourgouris - but I know one of his very best friends - who sent this to me yesterday.

“Much will be written about this shocking event and much nostalgia to be expected. I suggest we listen very carefully to Blackstar, the last artwork to be created by this extraordinary man, which is the epitome of late-style performativity. It’s all there — all that he has done, and yet nothing like he has ever done before. The gesture of finishing a great artwork and then letting life finish right afterward is a magnificent lesson in coming to terms with finitude — of self, of time, of matter.”

Stathis Gourgouris

this is the 2nd post in my series of Bowie Tributes - enjoy

            <a href="http://www.technologyreview.com/news/543381/vc-bill-gurley-tries-to-bust-the-bubble/?utm_content=buffer53165&amp;utm_medium=social&amp;utm_source=linkedin.com&amp;utm_campaign=buffer"><img class=" size-full aligncenter" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/gurleyx299_0.jpg" alt="" /></a>

Bill Gurley argues that tech startups are overvalued, profits are underrated, and a bust is coming.

Not new, it’s a recurring theme.

[ Source : MIT Technology Review ]

            I just <strong>love</strong> this story :-)

A fan scams his way in to a back stage pass. I wonder how long before this becomes a more serious issue. As far as I can tell from the article, the band enjoyed his company.

Then Spargo pulled up the Peking Duk Wikipedia page on his phone, which listed him under “family” – as of moments ago.

[ Source : The Guardian ]

            This arrived in my inbox this morning.

We need to watch for our inability to separate emotion from perception, a willingness to accept illusion for reality either because it feels good or it reinforces familiar downward spiral neural pathways.

Barbara Ehrenreich

It reminded me a little of this quote, but it really resonated because I was listening to this just yesterday. Sometimes things just come together.

            <p class="p1"><span class="s1">Sometimes, you just get hit out of the blue and the funny bone gets bumped. Just happened.</span></p>

Rands In Repose is in my daily RSS feed – and after reading his (excellent) drone post this morning, I popped over to his web site to see what else I could find. His about page includes the following;

“Post whatever you like. I won’t edit content or attribution of any comment. 

However, I’ll delete whatever comment I like.”

I know what he meant, but the phrasing just stopped me in my tracks and put a smile on my face.