First published on Beyond Bridges on February 10th, 2016.
Update : February 14th 2016.
Interestingly, a friend and reader of this blog just sent me this link, which is a third party version of the LinkedIN map below. It seems to be limited due to LinkedIN's API constraints, so it can't map more than 499 of your connections. That said, there does seem to be a lot more information and analysis that surrounds the graph. Andy it means YOU can go try it out on your network. Thank you David.

A good friend of mine messaged me through LinkedIN. He is a fast thinking, witty, bright, intelligent, big thinking kind of guy. He’s also interested in his next gig – so let me know if you want an introduction. Anyway, to my point. He had been on my LinkedIN profile and commented;

I think you would be well served to pare that list (of skills I had listed in my summary) to maybe 4-5 distinct and specialized areas where you really shine better than the rest. Things like Leadership, Marketing, Communications are too generic and readily available in the marketplace.

And I agreed. In fact, so much so that I pared it down to zero. My skill list is summarized in another part of the profile anyway. But it got me to thinking.

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            ... if you are a man that is.

Goldman Sachs have a put together a guide to being a man’s man.

[ Source : The Baum List ]

Personally, I think number 1 is a must … we don’t care – no really – we don’t. Then there are others in there which I wish I had thought about when I was younger 🙁

Altogether though, a nice, thorough substantial list that I mostly agree with. Not to mention being very happy to be reminded that behavior, manners and appearance are important – even in 2016. That said, judging by my personal observations, I am a rare animal.

But you knew that didn’t you 🙂

            ... and not just pay lip service.

On August 6th 2014, Robert Scoble wrote …

After giving it some thought I have completely moved to Facebook at

I am putting TONS of great content into there. If you aren’t on Facebook, I’m also on Twitter at or on Google+ at

Someday I might come back to the blog, but the world has moved and it is on social media.

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            I sometimes comment in this blog on why I write. The readership is not large, the topics are varied, there isn't a real connected theme. (Yet.) BUT. Write it I do. For me. For the moment. I am slowly building an email circulation list that anyone can subscribe to. More of that when the lists hits 1,000.<!--more-->

Nice to read this from Brad Feld of the Foundry Group. He started writing his blog in 2004 and I am pretty sure I have been reading him since then. I discovered him through his cousin Kenny who back in those days was part of EDS – where I also happened to be doing some work.

Brad’s reasons for why he started his blog ….

… as I was doing it – like Fred (Wilson) often said – to help me think out loud in public, learn about different things, and get a conversation going around topics I was interested in. In retrospect, it was also helping me “practice writing” and without all the practice, it’s unlikely I would have ever gotten in the rhythm of writing a book a year.

Not got to the book yet, but the reasoning makes perfect sense. I always write to clear my head and articulate my thoughts. My blog is just just my way of doing what I have always done, but in a public forum. Thank you Brad, the thoughts are with me – like here and here.

[ Source : Feld Thoughts ]

            <a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-5188" src="" alt="self-improvement wordle" width="650" height="278" /></a>I don’t know if you write a blog, but if you do - do you know why ?

I haven’t quite worked that out yet, but it doesn’t stop me writing, because for now I write for me. Over the years it has come and gone in terms of how much attention I put in, but as I wrote here, I started this blog (as in posted for the first time), on September 7th, 2010. Since then I have made 568 Posts – and counting. The intention is to continue to write for me – but to widen the audience to something greater than one!

You might imagine therefore how far my jaw dropped to read an email from an old friend of mine. He wrote;

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Roald Dahl believed that physical illness powers creativity. It’s a perplexing proposition, but the diaries of celebrated artists, writers, scientists, and inventors are strewn with accounts of how fever-induced creative revelations — perhaps because fever shakes off the chronic constraints of the conscious mind, sparking a sort of openness that enlarges the locus of ideation and broadens the field of creative vision.

I read the Patti Smith bio when it came out – absolutely superb book. Perfect reminder from one of my favorite bloggers – Maria Popova, the force behind Brain Pickings.

[ Source : Brain Pickings]