Empire Avenue is a stock market game based on social media. It is a stock exchange for people. To quote their erstwhile CEO ..

A virtual-currency stock market game that bets on your social media influence.

I wrote about Empire Avenue on March 11th 2012 – and then again on April 7th 2012. I can’t remember when I actually joined the game, but my guess would be sometime in the summer of 2011. But who knows. I wrote the posts – and at the time met with their then CEO Dups because I saw a vision for the company, which I am now convinced he couldn’t or wouldn’t see. (After all, startups are about focus and what I was suggesting was radically different to a stock market game.) I continue to see it, but since then ‘The Avenue’ has been acquired by Kred – you know the other more complicated version of Klout – 43 as I write (or Klout – 53 as I write). Maybe it is time I had another chat. I still see it.


            <strong><a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Empire-Avenue.png"><img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-831" title="Empire-Avenue" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Empire-Avenue-150x150.png" alt="" width="150" height="150" /></a>CAVEAT - I have not talked to anyone at EA about the ideas laid out below - I am simply writing as a sideline(d) observer.</strong>

I recently posted to Beyond Bridges { you can read it here } regarding Empire Avenue. If you don’t know them – check them out – more from me on that at another time. BUT – The more I think, the more I read, the more I engage. the more I realize that I have almost got a book to write …. don’t worry – this is just a post – and I won’t get round to writing the book 🙂

This post was prompted by a post from fellow resident of the Avenue Ryan J Zeigler on his blog ROI Sucks – and then I saw this today by Empire Avenue – which is mainly unrelated – but connected!

To Ryan’s post first – GREAT post. And as far as I can see it is the first of a series he is planing in an interview with the team at EA. I hope it will warm up a bit – and get down to what they see as the raison d’etre of EA.

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            <a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/empire-avenue1.jpg"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-710" title="empire-avenue" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/empire-avenue1.jpg" alt="" width="560" height="370" /></a>This is the first of a few posts I intend to write about Empire Avenue.

Why not one ? Well,  I have just written a very long post – and to paraphrase Mark Twain – I realized that I did not have the time – right now – to write a short one – and the problem is that there is a lot to say and I don’t want to bore you. So here are some highlights – that I will drill down on in future posts..

Needless to say I have no idea what strategy Dups and the team at Empire Avenue have and are working to but until last week – in my opinion – they had cracked a very big problem.

They had :

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