Damned If You Do – Damned If You Dont’

I am not a fan of what MZ is doing with Facebook, which is why I am not there (for now). BUT, his massive announcement on what he is doing with abou 99% of his fortune ? Well now, that I am a fan of.

What I do not get is the criticism he has received, from tax avoidance / dodging to the money could just be abused / mis managed and ‘proof’ that he doesn’t know what he is doing – just witness what happend to the hundred million he gave to Newark schools.


Whatever the motivation, the fact he is giving it away is pretty frigging awesome – hats off to Zuck – and who the hell are we to back him into a corner such that he has to actually DEFEND himself.

The world has gone NUTS. What would the critics have said if he simply set up a secret off shore fund for Max – to avoid the taxes.

On Tuesday, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a powerful announcement — not only did he reveal the birth of his daughter, Max, but he shared plans to give up 99% of his personal…

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Noel … Noel …

I have long felt that Noel Gallagher is simply a massive self publicist, with little talent. He did some good songs. Once. But I never really cared for him as a person, social commentator or role model – to name just three things that leap to mind as I type, which is all I seem to read about these days – his music simply #FAILS.

This popped into my inbox over the weekend …

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Zane Lowe … The Tony Blackburn Of Our Time

… bear with me.

I am old enough to remember Radio 1 going live on September 30th 1967. I remember Tony Blackburn – of Radio Caroline and Radio London opening with The Move’s Flowers In The Rain. Tony – never really been a fave … but that opening song 48 years later still does it for me.

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Apple Music Inspired By The 70s – In A Good Way

The show’s music will reportedly not be based on the genre or market research that rules the majority of radio today, but instead rely on the DJ’s taste, a throwback to the heyday of the 70s when FM radio was absolutely king.”

Being old enough to remember the likes of John Peel and (Whispering) Bob Harris of The Old Grey Whistle Test – I for one am really looking forward to this. This alone could be THE differentiator.

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