<a href="http://beyondbridges.net/2016/06/microsoft-buying-linkedin/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-719" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/linkedin-jedi.jpg" alt="linkedin-jedi" width="575" height="270" />I wrote a quick post about Microsoft and LinkedIN yesterday</a>, and then updated it with a couple of humorous comments. Since then the world has (inevitably) burst forth with a lot of opinions as to what it all means. And of course the stock market reacted accordingly. I too have had time to think and assemble some thoughts.

The immediate comment that has emerged is the age old – ‘Microsoft have a bad history of acquisitions’ – good luck with that.

I touched on it myself (remembering the ghosts of Skype, Yammer and Groove along the way), but went on to remind that the bad history of acquisitions isn’t about the company per se, but about the people that made the decision – and then execute. I wrote; Continue reading

            <img class="alignleft wp-image-7619 size-thumbnail" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/BB-Highlight-01-150x150.jpg" alt="BB-Highlight-01" width="150" height="150" />Microsoft's track record for acquiring companies and doing great things is not good. But, there is now a new CEO who is clearly far more equipped and definitely more talented than his predecessor - so I have my fingers crossed.

For a long time LinkedIN had been losing its way. I published this (for example) three years ago today. 

So, Reid Hoffman is a genius, with a great vision. I just wish he’d join LinkedIn, and implement some of it.

I hope it works out for them, I really do, but there are some serious and significant changes that need to be made to get it back on track.

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This deals makes a lot of sense, and if nothing else, it will help the 8 people using Windows phones to connect with one another.

… Dave Pell

$26B – about a 50% premium to LinkedIn’s market value.  Talk about a pre-emptive bid!  LinkedIn is basically the Facebook of the business world.   And now it will be the property of the default provider of mediocre software to the business world.  What could possibly go wrong?

… Dave Frier

            <img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-6529" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/15688-12111-160125-WordFlow-l-300x199.jpg" alt="15688-12111-160125-WordFlow-l" width="300" height="199" />Not a huge fan of Microsoft, much like many other people (data provided by comparing how full their retail stores are compared to apple's, or just randomly counting how many PCs you can see in your local Starbucks - and then how many Macs.

BUT – they do get some stuff right. I think this (one thumb keyboard) is one. Can’t wait to ‘get my hands’ on it.

[ Source : Apple Insider ]

            I saw this on the Microsoft web site today. Noting that to get Office <strong>WITH</strong> Outlook costs an additional $80.


The old joke …

the first prize is one week in Philadelphia and the second prize is TWO weeks in Philadelphia.

Microsoft are charging you less to not buy Outlook. I think they are missing an opportunity. Couldn’t they charge more not to have Outlook installed?

            I Am No Longer A User

It might be 'Monday Morning Quarterbacking' (Whoa – did I just write that ? Need to drop another post on that one) Still, the point is that articles like this just make so much sense …. after the fact. But the really weird thing is just how many people still do think this way – for example;

Before the Internet all most people cared about was Office. And Office was really the only reason anyone wanted Windows machines instead of Macs.

They still do – but it is less and less important. Really – it is. Now we just have to get everyone on board with that thinking.
* I have been a user of Macs since the first iPod (another thread).
* I have been a Mac only user for around 7 years.
* I have been a non Microsoft user for 3 years. (I will admit that I do still have Office installed on my Mac for those occasional times of checking that the export works before passing the document over to a client. But even that is increasingly rare – since mostly that format is (as it should be) PDF anyway.

I aspire to this:

I havent even bothered to install Office on my last two computers at all.

My next Mac will definitely have no Microsoft product on it anywhere. I am also thinking it won't have any google either – but
that's another story.

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