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I was only a year old when Gandhi was shot, so I don’t remember that one; but I was involved in both the civil rights and antiwar movements in North Carolina when Martin Luther King was gunned down in June 1968, and Bobby Kennedy a few days later.

I cannot overstate the senses of grief, despair and hopelessness that followed those two assassinations. (And of Malcolm X three years earlier. And again when Nixon got elected a few months later in ’68.)

Two things were clear to me at the time: that violence won, and that the civil rights and antiwar movements were set back decades by those events.

Doc Searls

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I do try to accurately credit and link back to people, companies, groups and sites that inspire my writings. I don’t always get it right. But I don’t plagiarize. Then again sometimes there are coincidences, such as the Apple site today that I featured on one of my earlier posts which popped up right beside this image in my stream. Same exact quote. Totally different background.

What do you think ? Plagiarism or Coincidence ?


.. or maybe it’s just a great quote that lends itself to great imagery.