Argument over argument over argument

… this just a selection from the past few days.

Arguably Frasier Spiers gets the closest … the closest to what exactly? Well, the question as to whether the iPad is a PC replacement?

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            I am sure Mr. Dvorak is a very able and competent journalist - after-all he has made his living out of it for years. That said, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">this article</a> is not the proof you seek.

What a crock.

It clearly demonstrates that he stands in line with so many people that just do not get what Apple is up to.

UPDATE : Just saw this from the Macalope – who agrees.

            Careful what the question is, because that pretty much always defines the answer.

In recent Apple blogs a lot of questions have been asked as to whether an iPadPro can replace your MacBook (Pro). It seems we have been asking the wrong question.

Fraser turns it around and asks whether you can replace your iPad Pro with a MacBook (Pro). You shouldn’t be surprised by the outcome, but some snippets to tickle your taste buds.

The fact that the keyboard and screen are limited to being held in an L-shaped configuration seriously limits its flexibility. It is basically impossible to use a MacBook pro while standing up and downright dangerous to use when walking around.


No MacBook Pro offers a four-speaker configuration built into it’s body. This can put a bit of a dampener on your enjoyment of movies and TV shows as the sound is far thinner with less bass and richness than the iPad Pro can deliver.


You are also limited to landscape orientation of the screen, which makes reading books and browsing longer websites an exercise in frustrated scrolling.


You have to commit to a specific keyboard layout and language from the factory that can never be changed.

[ Source : Fraser Speirs ]

            On the face of it looks good no ? A simple Apple mail extension provided from Hubspot - that allows you to just check 'track mail' - just before you send, so that you know when someone opens your email. I used it selectively when I was trying to ensure that important things were being seen.

And then Today

Suddenly – none of my email was getting through to my recipients. I escalated to my ISP – Siteground – who really are VERY good BTW – who came back to me in three minutes to highlight that

The reason why the e-mails were bounced back is because they contain an URL which is blocked in the SPAM list

But – I wasn’t using Sidekick. So, I disabled it – and lo – mail goes through no problem. Needless to say – uninstalled completely.

Which brings me to the second #FAIL

To uninstall I had to use Chrome to go get an uninstall script. Easy enough to find – except when you run it – Apple security won’t let you open it because the script is from an unidentified developer.

So – across to ‘system preferences’ – and accept that running

is ok by me.

All now back to normal. MANY THANKS – again – to Siteground for such rapid response.

And SHAME on Hubspot for allowing their clever little side project to be added to a spam list – but even more – why not just identify yourselves for the uninstall.