<a href="http://beyondbridges.net/2016/01/the-secrets-to-success" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">I wrote this post a couple of days ago</a>, and delighted to report that I got feedback. (Even more delighted that feedback is increasingly happening - so I am obviously hitting the occasional nerve.)

On this occasion, I was reminded by a couple of people about the famous quote attributed to Woody Allen. You know the one that goes “90% (sic) of success is turning up”. It got me to thinking, so I did some checking. Continue reading

            I was talking to a friend and occasional partner in the UK this morning. Just catching up on 'what's new'. He has a fledgling business that is taking off in leaps and bounds - and of course, like us all has to deal with customers. These words about one of his customers resonated .

I have spent 3 months trying to get the founder to think differently and we are still in a similar place, spending money on stuff that doesn’t work through fear of change and unwilling to spend on new things that will transform his business. I’ve even gone as far as telling him that if he doesn’t start to realise that he is getting in his own way, he won’t have a company in 2017.

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            <blockquote>... it is imperative to first go back to the heart of the business and the brand, to the place where everything all began and to work out from there, solving the small problems as we go.</blockquote>

… and so “avoid solving the wrong problem really well” – which you can do through my unique and personal offering “John As A Service

[ Source : Geoff Talbot’s Seven Sentence Blog ]

            Way back last year ... ok, December 15th <a href="http://beyondbridges.net/2015/12/couped-up-in-coups/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">I wrote this piece</a>. It was primarily about the ongoing assassination attempt of Corbyn in the UK - initially by 'his own' ... though I wouldn't exactly call Tony Bliar (sic) and Mendelson 'his own' - but they are at least <strong>meant</strong> to be in the same party. Anyway to my point, I wrote ...

Bernie doesn’t have it quite as bad here in the USA, since he hasn’t yet got to that dominant position of ‘numero uno’.

Well how fast does time move. Here we are just 5 weeks later and we have the New York Times weighing in. Notice – liberal pundits ganging up against Bernie. That’s right – vote for BAU, because otherwise the status quo might change. And we do not want that do we ?

In recent weeks, major liberal pundits are putting in overtime to freshen their case against Bernie Sanders, urging citizen’s to ignore their conscience and quit screwing with the interests of the moneyed elite.

The New York Times reports “alarmed Hillary Clinton supporters” are warning Sanders “would be an electoral disaster who would frighten swing voters and send Democrats in tight congressional and governor’s races to defeat.” Supporters cast Sanders as “unelectable” and attempt to present him as the Republicans’ favored nominee because super political action committees run by operatives like Karl Rove would supposedly prefer to see the Republican nominee run against Sanders.

[ Source : New York Times ]

            ... no not the final frontier, but rather an acronym that I developed for my last company. It was designed as a 'guiding light' for all staff as they went through their day to day business. Thought you might find it useful.

Speed – move quickly, time is of the essence.

Process – it’s there for a reason. use it. improve it if you can. funnel the mods back into the system.

Accountability – say what you are going to do, do what you said you’d do. don’t point fingers. be responsible.

Customers – without them we are nothing.

Engagement – don’t fill up a chair for the sake of it – add value.

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Apple‘s home page today – Martin Luther King Day in America.

So far, I count … Defy Ventures | UC Davis | … with a couple more to come.

How about you ?

Meanwhile … a really nice Google Doodle today aswell.


            Would you change your behavior if it was for the better good of all ?

The British are as conservative as cats – like most people – and dislike innovation.

Who am I to take issue with Stowe Boyd – but on this one I do. He references a study by the TFL that suggests that the unwritten rule of London’s underground – ‘stand on the right – walk on the left of an escalator’,  is flawed and that (according to the TFL) it would actually be more efficient to have everyone stand still on elevators – which in turn would remove congestion that we all know so well.

Take a read …

It makes sense – logically, I would argue that the rule fails not because of the British people’s inability to change, but rather people generally, not just the ‘Brits’, will not put the greater good before themselves.

Updated 19th January, 2016 : Today Kottke published this related report – and guess what – it seems people are just as selfish as I surmised.

            Ok. Not really. Finally the truth is weighing down the noise. As for Mandelson - is he still alive ?

Apparently – but it seems that he has moved over to the Tories.

Party membership figures are a controversial issue, with the former cabinet minister Peter Mandelson, who is opposed to Corbyn, telling a Labour meeting in the Lords last month that “30,000 long-term members have left the party, real members, tens of thousands”.

But the newly released figures undermine his claim, showing a total of 13,860 have left since the general election, some of them having resigned while others have gone as part of natural churn. The increase in membership is continuing, with just under 1,000 having joined since Christmas Eve.

[ Source : The Guardian ]

            <a href="http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/15/balanced-debate-jeremy-corbyn-labour-media-attacks?utm_source=esp&amp;utm_medium=Email&amp;utm_campaign=The+Best+of+CiF+base&amp;utm_term=143964&amp;subid=13238355&amp;CMP=ema_1364" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">A great piece by Owen Jones in The Guardian</a>, regarding the ongoing onslaught on Jeremy Corbyn by the media and the 'elite'. Bernie doesn't have it quite as bad here in the USA, since he hasn't yet got to that dominant position of 'numero uno'. Then again, he might never - <a href="http://mediamatters.org/blog/2015/12/11/abc-world-news-tonight-has-devoted-less-than-on/207428" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">as long as the US media treats him this way</a>.<!--more-->


Does that ratio seem out of whack? That’s the ratio of TV airtime that ABC World News Tonight has devoted to Donald Trump’s campaign (81 minutes) versus the amount of TV time World News Tonight has devoted to Bernie Sanders’ campaign this year. And even that one minute for Sanders is misleading because the actual number is closer to 20 seconds.

But. To my point. Reading the article in the Guardian, I was reminded so very much of the fictional story ‘A Very British Coup’ – which is actually very close to some of the (conspiracy) theories behind Wilson’s resignation in 1976. The question needs to be asked, is Chapter One in the Playbook ‘Character Assassination ?

What character assassination ? Try this from The London Times (1) …

The new Labour leader treated himself to a black cab at his home yesterday, abandoning the Chairman Mao-style bicycle his neighbours always see him riding.

This is a quote from this article, which is headlined (Andrew) “Marr is snubbed for a day at the church”

Sorry – how many communists prayed at church on Sundays ? And snubbed. Really ? A journalist is so important that the UK’s opposition leader should jump, drop everything just to do his show? I am a fan of Marr – but surely we have our priorities a little confused ?

(1) For readers not familiar with The London Times - it was a bastion of truth in London and the UK for two centuries. Then it was bought by Rupert Murdoch in 1981.