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Sitting at the bar, I found myself talking to a couple of old white guys (so of course – we had a lot in common). One of them was in ‘Corporate Communications’, the other was a writer – both were ex journalists. They both seem to have got out of journalism before the ‘rot’ set in.
They seemed angry about the state of journalism … “Nobody investigates things any more.”“Journalists have just become mouth pieces of what people in power want to say.”“They just regurgitate press releases.” … and many other comments that seemed to indicate that they thought the world had gone to ‘hell in a hand basket’ – and was being manipulated. Continue reading

            <blockquote><b>Betteridge's law of headlines</b> is an <a title="Adage" href="">adage</a> that states: "Any <a title="Headline" href="">headline</a> that ends in a <a title="Question mark" href="">question mark</a> can be answered by the word <i>no</i>." It is named after Ian Betteridge, a British technology journalist,</blockquote>

but 5 years before – Andrew Marr wrote Continue reading

            I get that journalism has gone down hill.

I understand that nobody cares.
I realize that it is all about the headline.

EXCEPT when you read unadulterated crap like this on a site under the CBS banner – it really real makes you wonder.
Full Article Here

(MoneyWatch) The evidence has been clear for a while that Apple (AAPL) is no longer the singular dominant force in mobile. But the alarm bells have grown shriller. Supplier results suggest “lackluster iPhone demand.” Anonymous supply chain sources say that iPad mini unit sales could drop 20 percent to 30 percent this quarter, compared with the same period last year first quarter of 2013. [Update: The iPad mini was introduced in the fall of 2012.]

Think about that for two seconds ….

CBS is quoting Anonymous sources that iPad mini sales are dropping – 20 to 30 percent compared with the same period as last year. (when the iPad mini didn’t even exist).

So CBS chooses not to ignore it – but use it as a lead – offering their own correction on the data.