Work-Life Balance Is The Wrong Way To Look At It

I read this in the UK’s Independent newspaper yesterday.

The 44 year-old tech billionaire, actively involved in the mission to get to Mars and potentially live there, is said to be working an impressive 85 to 100 hours per week to achieve its goals.

It’s a good article – and indeed I am a big fan of Mr. Musk (though I do not always understand why he does certain things – like starting his own streaming music service built right into every Tesla.) That said, who am I to judge, I am sure he has his reasons (Variety certainly thinks so.)

But take a read of that quote …. why is it ‘impressive’ that Mr. Musk works 85 to 100 hours per week? Continue reading “Work-Life Balance Is The Wrong Way To Look At It”

Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back

Been saying this for years – and I get particularly pissed off by those people on their huxter soapboxes the Presidential campaign trail that say any different. We need to think and work differently now.

Here’s the problem: Whether or not those manufacturing jobs could have been saved, they aren’t coming back, at least not most of them. How do we know? Because in recent years, factories have been coming back, but the jobs haven’t.

[ Source : Five Thirty Eight ]

It’s A People Exchange – People !

Empire Avenue is a stock market game based on social media. It is a stock exchange for people. To quote their erstwhile CEO ..

A virtual-currency stock market game that bets on your social media influence.

I wrote about Empire Avenue on March 11th 2012 – and then again on April 7th 2012. I can’t remember when I actually joined the game, but my guess would be sometime in the summer of 2011. But who knows. I wrote the posts – and at the time met with their then CEO Dups because I saw a vision for the company, which I am now convinced he couldn’t or wouldn’t see. (After all, startups are about focus and what I was suggesting was radically different to a stock market game.) I continue to see it, but since then ‘The Avenue’ has been acquired by Kred – you know the other more complicated version of Klout – 43 as I write (or Klout – 53 as I write). Maybe it is time I had another chat. I still see it.


The Haves And The Have Nots

If you want to work for Amazon:

According to the Flex site, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old, have a car, and valid drivers license. You’ll also need some type of Android phone and pass a background check.

If you want to buy from Amazon:

The Prime Now service offers deliveries in one or two hours after being placed through a companion iPhone app. You have to be a member of the Amazon Prime service, which costs $99 per year and comes with a number of other benefits that can be accessed on your iPhone or iPad.

See what I mean? Read more about it here.