In case when <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">reading this</a>, you conclude that I am one of those dudes that just hates covers and people messing with 'the original', thought I would share this you all. Well worth a listen.

Amanda’s interpretations delivered here, because I read about it on Maria Popover’s Brain Pickings. Click through for a great interview with Amanda. And Maria’s own article separates out all of the tribute tracks.



this is the 9th post in my series of Bowie Tributes - enjoy


            Not a big fan of the Grammies - but unfortunately caught the highlights on this mornings news. This was one.

lady gaga

My friend David wrote to me this morning ….

Well that was incredibly painful watching Lady Ga Ga butcher David Bowie’s material in rapid fire fashion. Thanks so much girl for making me have to wash my ears out and try to forget it ever happened!

Of course – I know it won’t stop. This was announced within a week of Bowie’s passing.

The line-up for the tribute is expted to include Adele, Coldplay and former Britpop rivals Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn.

Seriously ?

Note the date – Feb 24th, 2016. Keep the TV off.

P.S. It isn’t all bad news.

            <blockquote>“It’s not a very good song, is it?”</blockquote>

David Bowie to Chris Martin
… on being asked if he would like to collaborate.

To me Coldplay is singularly the most over rated talentless act that I can think of. I know that flys in the face of their millions of fans, but popularity alone was never a measure of greatness was it ? Quite apart that Bowie just didn’t do anything – we knew that, but that he also said ‘no’ to what would likely have been a big selling single is yet another testament to his greatness.

[ Source : The Guardian ]


this is the 8th post in my series of Bowie Tributes - enjoy


            Why this article is headlined <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Four Albums Worth A Listen</a> is beyond me, given how Darin slams Blackstar, and how Hinds is highlighted. Personally, never heard of them, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">so checked them out here</a>. I did - it isn't worth a listen. And then finally, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of The Hateful Eight. Really ? That is one of the 4 worth a listen albums of 2016 so far. Heavens.

My take on Blackstar – before I heard of his death, recorded here for posterity.

But. I am glad that he called out 4 1/2. I  have just counted over 50 albums in my collection that are by – or heavily influenced by – Steven Wilson, so you could count me in as a fan and am eagerly waiting for 4 1’2 which is due next week.

Update Jan 20th : A Review From ‘Something Else Reviews’

Also interesting to note that Mr Wilson was heavily influenced by Mr. Bowie and his entourage … this is his post on Bowie’s passing.

I spent this morning listening to Bowie’s fantastic …

Personally I would pay a lot more attention to Steven than Darin.


            <blockquote>Oh to be young, incredibly talented, coked out of your mind, so thin that a poodle could knock you over, and brilliantly working with Luther Vandross and all these wonderful black musicians in Philadelphia to come up with this.

Bowie in his first American TV appearance on Dick Cavett covering The Flares R& B hit Footstompiin’. But notice how he’s using the guitar riff from “Fame” in the arrangement, kind of merging the two pieces. What he liked to call “Plastic Soul”.

Total Soul Train!
… not my words, rather those of good friend and music afficionado David Fenton.


Foot Stompin – this performance from Dick Cavette’s show in 1974


Fame – this performance from Soul Train, 1975

this is the 5th post in my series of Bowie Tributes - enjoy

            <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Andy Ihnatko's</a> tribute to Bowie, featuring some great video pieces that I hadn't seen before - and reminding us ....

This isn’t for you…this is for me.


I saw him as an aspirational example. Predictability and repetition are career enhancers if you’re selling coffee or delivering packages. If you’re in a creative field, it’s death for your artistic self and it also means that you’re breaking a promise to your audience. Predictability and repetition are passion-killers. With every practically every new Bowie record, I could see the sweat on his brow as he tried to dance on uneven ground with unsure footing. And pulling it off brilliantly.

this is the 4th post in my series of Bowie Tributes - enjoy