Free Stock Photos [UPDATED]

Adding here, because these are great resources.

First published on Beyond Bridges on December 5th, 2015.

Updated April 8th, 2016
Adding a new link - with a raft more links from my good friends at Canva : More Free Stock Photos. [ Canva BTW - is a pretty cool app - you should go check it out ]

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Top 5 Pranks Apple Have Played On Us

ce6r45cuaaahylssssIt’s April Fools Day AND Apple’s Birthday. In fact they are ’40 today’, so in celebration they have raised the Jolly Roger at Infinite Loop.[ Thanks to 9-5 Mac ].

For my part it seemed pertinent  to highlight to share some of the highlights of how Apple (the company that nobody understands)  have consistently made fools of us all. In no particular order … Continue reading


Perhaps the most overused word in technology today. No – you can’t just start calling your app or web site a platform … that is NOT what a platform is.

But – if you get it right – and you are in the tech business – a platform is what you should be building. Should, because the chances are that you haven’t built it already. Trust me.

Why ? Because when Marc Andreesen said that software is eating the world – he might have meant platforms.

Are Platform Businesses Eating The World

The real juggernaut of change today is not technology alone. It’s the explosively scalable processes and monetized learning of orchestrated networks.

I first wrote about Sanjeet a couple of years ago – and recommended you buy his book last year. Nothing has changed – except now his work is beginning to move into the mainstream.

The Next Big Thing Might Be Missed If We Aren’t Careful …

[ Source : Forbes ]

Turning The Tables

I recently posted this link to a group I belong to. It is about a robot that calls telemarketers and wastes their time. Until then, I had never heard of Jim Florentine, who is “human and wicked” … so much harder to scale – but well worth a couple of click throughs. Five of them in all. Thanks ‘Doc’.