Interesting to see two very different posts come through my feed this morning - both explaining the importance of the Open Web  through every day analogies ... and of course both writers absolutely pivotal in what they have brought, and continue to bring to us all in their work to date.

The first from Dave WinerThe Central Park of the web

The apartment buildings around the park are the money, and the creativity is in the park. The buildings are exclusive, the most expensive real estate in the world. The park is open to anyone, rich or poor, from anywhere in the world. The park is the engine of renewal. It’s where the new stuff comes from. The buildings are where the money is parked.

The second from Brent SimmonsSo Merlin Says to Me…

Blogs are the Pad Thai, the rib-eye steak, the bowls of spaghetti of the web. Podcasts are the mashed potatoes, the tacos, and the hummous. You could get by for a little while with Skittles (Twitter) and peanut butter cups (Facebook) — but eventually you need something more filling, something you can sit down with and take your time.

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Needless to say – I agree – and always have.

I also still very strongly recommend that creative people keep their own blogs, preferably with their own domains, for the simple reason that no matter what happens to Facebook or Twitter or whatever, your blog will be someplace your fans and other interested folks will always be able to find you. I’ve owned for 18 years, and run Whatever for nearly as long, on just this principle. This has been enough time to see the fall of several once invincible social networks, starting with AOL and moving forward from that once-mighty organization.



            <a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-4471" src="" alt="jgm" width="660" height="121" /></a>Sometime around early 2003, a group of friends came together and decided to take their personal interest and love of great music - and launch a blog. Just for fun. We called it Just Good Music. There were four of us at the core of the site.

John ParkerRobert Golladay, Dave Wilt – and of course – yours truly.

The blog ebbed and flowed, covering new music, old music, opinion, technology of music etc. After a while we left the company we were all working at – we crossed (if not changed) continents for our home base, married, divorced had babies – but the site lived on. Until last year.

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            When the dust settles I really need to get my head around Dave Winer's River .....

Read his latest article here

I just love this quote;

We are not making blogging tools. We are making software for creative people — writers, designers and programmers. Inevitably that means it will connect to blogging systems, because blogs are fixtures in the world of 2013 and beyond.

Oh – and by the way …. “phew”