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I am an English. I moved to the US in 1990. I am still a ‘resident alien’ as the US government affectionately refers to me. Other than that one fact – and my accent – everything about me passes as American. I pay taxes, think in dollars, work here, own property here …. oh, hang on – one more thing – I can’t vote. I seem to recall something about ‘no taxation without representation’ back in the day, but so much for that.

I was struck today by this article in the Guardian about Emily Blunt, where she was apologizing for poking fun at her American citizenship. This after being attacked by rightwing commentators – you know who they are – and if not – they are named in the Guardian’s article (they are the usual idiots that don’t understand humor).

Still – to my point, the quote below leapt off the page to me.

“I had to renounce my Queen. The thing that’s weird is I do get to keep both my British citizenship and this, but you have to renounce her. But it’s kind of typically American – not to be rude. I had to renounce her in the room but I don’t actually technically renounce her. They were like, ‘just say it, you don’t have to mean it but just say it’.”

All Most Americans I come across can’t understand why I wouldn’t just ‘become American’ – after all – I don’t have to renounce my UK citizenship – isn’t it easier. No. Not really – and this quote exemplifies why. I am not exactly a royalist – but I question how you can serve two nations. We jokingly refer to the UK as the 51st state of the USA – and certainly Tony Bliar (sic) demonstrated that in spades over Iraq. I can’t.

Moreover – if you are American – and reading this – how do you feel that people swearing in as citizen’s of America just have to ‘say it’ – not ‘mean it’.

Is that only if you are English (as part of our ‘special relationship’) – or does it apply to any nationality. A citizen of Aghanistan can only get into 23 countries visa free. With a UK passport – and in fact a US passport – you have access to 174 countries.

You read it here first – when you commit to America – you don’t really have to. They are only words. Doesn’t work for me … how about you ?

            ... sorry why do we care about Bliar ?

Michael Meacher, a Labour former minister and supporter of Corbyn, said Blairites needed to understand that the surge in enthusiasm for the Islington North MP represented the dismantling of the New Labour era. “It is the biggest non-revolutionary upturning of the social order in modern British politics,” he said. “The Blairite coup of the mid-1990s hijacked the party to the Tory ideology of ‘leave it all to the markets and let the state get out of the way’, and when asked what was her greatest achievement, Mrs Thatcher triumphantly replied, ‘New Labour.’

[ Source : The Guardian ]

Meanwhile – I found this a very funny (and pretty spot on) response from ‘chunkpmark’ – you should share widely.

            <blockquote>But as Blair’s remarkably self-unaware comments today illustrate, this mentality centrally depends upon a steadfast commitment to blinding oneself to one’s own actions and failings. Nobody is more resolute in that commitment than Tony Blair.</blockquote>

So glad that people do not forget how horrible Tony Bliar (sic) was … and seemingly still is. Click through on some of the links in Glen Greenwald’s article to read some #truth

[ Source : The Intercept ]

            <blockquote>John O'Nolan, wrote in a blog post: "we’ve elected to move the default location for all customer data from the UK to DigitalOcean’s [Amsterdam] data centre. The Netherlands is ranked #2 in the world for Freedom of Press, and has a long history of liberal institutions, laws and funds designed to support and defend independent journalism."</blockquote>

Being English I was once proud of our belief and actions that we used to call ‘The Freedom of The Press’.

Being English I am now angry how that it is not just being torn down bit by bit – but actually being torn down wholesale.

Bliar started it – but truly disappointed that Cameroon (sic) has done nothing to reverse this decline and just watches.

And now companies are voting with their feet.

[ Source : Ars Technica ]

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I am Old Labour.
I view that social cohesion, competition and the common interest are of paramount and intertwined importance.

I am a social capitalist.

I view that our purpose should be a better and fairer society for all. To create political freedom, I reject the notions of economic and social subservience. I hold to a view of  common interest above self interest. I do not view the market as a source of ‘good’ or our goal but a tool to be used and exploited to achieve our purpose.

… not my original words – but this of Simon Wardley

his full text can be read here.

… Those that track my words will know why these words resonated. ‘New Labor’ destroyed the labor party. They kinda set themselves up as a “tory lite” – if that’s not too generous. ‘Bliar’ (sic) in particular was a disgrace – but there you go – maybe it’s just me. But – apparently not …

My party passed into history in May 1994. One day, it might return. Until such time, I have no-one to vote for.

… In case you are not tracking – the date that Simon is referring to is when John Smith (not one of Old Labours most charismatic leaders IMHO .. but definitely a change agent, and one of the good guys) passed away after a massive heart attack. From that moment the Bliar camp took control – essentially destroying the British two party system on his way to destroying Britain. It took a while for the British to recognize who he was – and what ‘New Labour’ stood for .. but suffice to say that being a Bush puppet – while it works well for him in America – over in the UK – not so much.

May 5th 2005 (10 years as I write) was the third and final election of Bliar to PM – and is the LAST time Labour won a majority in the British Parliament. That is not to say I whole heartedly support Mr. Cameron and the Conservatives either – they too run with their challenges – but they do not run on lies, deceit and chicanery that IS New Labour. Seemingly not even ‘Marxist Ed’ could change that course – and once again Labour is on the down (Proportional Representation aside).

I of course know nothing – but in my opinion this will continue until they take a long hard look at themselves and once again stand up for themselves and represent the people of the country – not to simply hijack popular viewpoints to win elections – and then implement American policy.