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True Story …

That moment when you dial a number – and are left hanging on the phone for 11 minutes and 25 seconds … and just as you get excited, because the music loop and announcement changes, you find yourself in another queue for 5 more minutes with similar and yet somehow different marketing messages and THEN you are connected to the call center only be told that they can’t help – and in fact need to redirect you to someone else.

The transfer is made and engagement with the person ensues – and my problem is taken on board.

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            <blockquote>The United States has lost the moral authority to create the environment in which the value in our personal data can be unlocked by technological innovation.</blockquote>

Interesting take. Essentially, the argument is that in a post Snowden world, the world at large no longer trusts the USA to lead the way in this ‘Brave New World’. But if not the USA, then who ? The article suggests that the UK is well positioned. Really ? I don’t think so. They really are just as bad.

[ Source : The Internet of Me – Medium ]

            Living in a van - the new American Dream - of course -  few, if any, will come close to this experience;


You could spend your youth grinding away at your job, paying rent and hating your life, or you could just say fuck it and move into a van.

… and write an magnum opus. (.. and no, I am not saying that Travels with Charley is Steinbeck’s greatest work – but I am saying that if most other people did – it would be theirs.)

[ Source : Vice ]