.. for an earlier post - t<a href="http://beyondbridges.net/2016/03/historical-accuracy/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">his one actually.</a>  I have now updated the one thing I agree with in an email I received. Specifically, the reference to a picture of an audience at a GAWR concert as being an example of the sort of crowd one might expect if you tootled along to your average 'Death Metal' (sic) show. It turns out that GAWR <em>"operates in the subgenres of thrash, comedy rock and heavy metal."</em> ... and so obviously has <em>"absolutely nothing to do with Death Metal in any shape nor form." </em>

I agree, so to all offended – please accept my sincere apologies for such an egregious error.

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            The Gift That Keeps Giving.

This post from a couple of days ago was written in response to some responses I got re this post – and lo – a new one in today that is tangential to the thread – but reminds us all of the importance of facts.

If you recall one commenter wrote

Innocents being vaporized in an airport departure lounge or a Srebrenica-style massacre at a death metal concert is a lot different than desultory, one-on-one gang/domestic/criminal/police etc., violence.

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