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We are all people. Governments, Enterprises, Organization. Not-For-Profits are all inventions of people to better manage out resources and growth. Curiously, over time, ‘we the people’ seem to be losing our edge – and the very entities we invented to better manage our lives and communities are, generally, in control and work to the detriment of individual, be that The Supreme Court’s decision in the USA to strike down limits on independent campaign spending by corporations and unions or Mitt Romney’s declaration in 2011 that “Corporations are people”. Who was it that said

Power for the few will be assumed through the inaction of the many.


People First

‘Power To The People’ … John Lennon’s words from nearly 50 years ago, are beginning to emerge as the truth. The time has come for ‘we – the people’ to take back out power. To stand up and be counted. If not, we only have ourselves to blame.


An initiative out of The Berkman Institute, Harvard, ed my Doc Searls

Future of Work

gleXnet is a company I co-founded in 2007. Today we would call it a ‘platform for the ‘gig’ economy’. We sell primarily into the Oil and Gas industry, but is designed to work in any industry.

People Exchanges

Empire Avenue, which is now owned by Kred is a stock market game. I think they have the potential to do something unique, different and futuristic. I have written about it  here and here in 2012. I just wrote about it again now. More to come. but maybe it is time I had another chat.

Make Meaningful Work

.. which is not the same as making work meaningful – we have gone beyond that. We are in the process of building the domain – but if you want to join our discussion – let me know.

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Defy Ventures