Our Trifecta …

…  People  |  Passion  | Platforms provides focus on what we do and how we work with ‘Passion’ also sitting at the intersection of the second trifecta of Pay, Purpose and Play.

Bottom line – the focus and passion of Beyond Bridges, me, my thinking and writing sits at the intersect of people and platforms – and in turn that passion is enabled by a long-held core concept of Pay, Purpose and Play.

The red Pay-Purpose-Play Venn diagram works as an alternative lens to the work-life balance debate that so many people talk about. Let me explain …

  • We all need to pay our bills in some shape or form, and thus we need some kind of income – Pay.
  • We all need to relax, dream, enjoy our lives in some shape or form – Play
  • And ultimately, when we start to examine our lives, when we realise that there is ‘something more’, we begin to explore what our purpose may be.

The industrialisation of the human workforce has hidden that for a couple of hundred years. Generally, our training and education lead us down a path of ensuring that each one of us fits into that industrial machine in one form or another. So we can ‘pay our way’, ‘rise up the ladder’ and ultimately retire to ‘play golf’ – or whatever our individual dream is …

But … the job that provides the ‘pay’ it often is not what we want to do. Who wakes up and decides one day that they want to paint houses for a living, run printing presses, serve at tables? Yes there are exceptions – but generally not … and so we fight for our annual vacation/time off – push for shorter hours so that we can escape the drudgery of ‘what we do’ to the garden of ‘what we want to do’ and so achieve our ‘work/life balance’.

You cannot modify that thinking – which is also tied to the idea that we are measured by the time we put into a job – not the value.

As a result, my view is to not fight for work-life balance – but rather understand  that each of us should be working towards ensuring that as much of those three interlocking circles in that graphic above overlap as much as possible – with ‘nirvana’ achieved when the three intersecting circles cannot be distinguished from a single circle.

Example …. I have just watched a lovely interview with John Mayall by Peter Cook ( http://bizcatalyst360.com/blowing-the-blues-john-mayall-the-godfather-of-british-blues/ ) Mayall is 82 – he turned professional at the age of 20. At 82, shouldn’t Mayall be retired? I wonder how is work-life balance has been throughout his career?

In summary …

Pay – we all need some kind of remuneration – and even if we don’t ‘need’ – it is actually a good idea since ‘free’ is not valued.
Purpose – your meaning for your life.
Play – pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation ….

The more overlap between those three circles that a person can achieve – the more fulfilled their lives will be.

People Empowered >>>>

I have been driving the concept of ‘people power’ and ‘people first’ for a while now. It is a dual call people to ‘take back their power’, push back on big corporations, remove inequality, argue against ad-tec, kill unfairness, stand up to government stupidity

  • people to ‘take back their power’, push back on big corporations, remove inequality, argue against ad-tec, kill unfairness, stand up to government stupidity etc etc
  • enterprises to ‘think people first’




Founder Member of Workforce of the Future, taking the lead in the People First ‘special interest group’.



In the world of the Enterprise, VRM is an emerging concept that few in the US understand, much less are working towards. It started at The Berkman Institute, Harvard – under the leadership of Doc Searls.


Passion Engaged >>>>

We all have passion. Mine comes in many forms – People and Platforms (discussed in detail on this site) being two of them. Music is another. Travel another. And you will find that I post to my blog with the category Passion.

But really, how does that translate into demonstrable action.


I work with two organisations and many people to ensure that passion is engaged. The passion that leaks out of the people I work with to ensure that I remain engaged.

Defy Ventures

UC Davis

Platform Enabled  >>>>

There has been, indeed it might already be, an emerging business category – Platforms. It has been growing – think airbnb, uber, youtube. But, there is a limit to how many global platforms there can be. We all travel, we all eat, we all work – there I can see Global Platforms. But, we don’t all collect stamps, grow trees, trade in vintage cars … but actually, it is easy to see platforms emerging to cover off these more niche plays.

Moreover, the majority of the global platforms work under old power, old values models and thus ensure that ‘the exploitation economy’ is alive and well. This needs to change, is in fact already doing so.


Launching in 2017, MyMentor is the world’s first ever digital mentoring service, providing millions of people with advice, guidance and inspiration on how to get ahead, both personally and professionally. Available via a free website and app, MyMentor will be available to anyone, anytime and anywhere

gleXnet is a platform that is enabling the ‘Future of Work’. Primarily focused on the Oil and Gas industry, it is equally applicable to verticals as diverse as Banking and Financial Services through to Music.

Merchant 23 is a platform – well – let’s use the words on the website: “Connecting wineries and trade professionals nationwide, instantly”

Fearless Enterprises


Strategy Advisor to My Mentor a newly emerging company with an extraordinary vision that is designed to enable People Empowerment through scalable Mentoring for all.

I also work with organisations seeking to establish a ‘new power’ | ‘new values’ business model and ensure that the participants benefit in the success.

My second needle in the platform space is that they enable ‘contribution’, so that as the business grows, and ’empower people’ as part of that process, so too, a portion of the revenue stream is directed towards social causes of good and the platform participants.

Further Notes

Finally, some thoughts on threads that contribute to a lot that I read and form the foundation of a lot of my beliefs

Generational Differences

.. are lazy

Employee Experience

Imagine the impact of organisations putting as much energy, thought and action  into ‘Employee Experience’ as into ‘Customer Experience’.

Work Life Balance

There should be no such thing. It is a construct that needed to emerge from the industrialisation of the workplace

The challenge from my perspective is that the principle requires your ‘work’ and your ‘life’ need to operate in some kind of equilibrium.

Thus by extension, because ‘work’ is bad, hard and stressful, you will need to balance it with some ‘life’.

The challenge is not to achieve work/life balance but to live a passionate life.

Pay Purpose Play – and the Relationship to Ikihai

Much has been written about ‘the perfect job/role’, which many describe as being at the intersection of ‘doing what you love’ with ‘getting paid’, ‘how well you do it’ and of course – ‘does the world really need it’?