Delighted to report that we are beginning to build a small – but growing – cadre of believers that are supporting this small venture with their sponsorship.

As I have written elsewhere, the primary aim of this blog is to focus on the importance of what I have called ‘People First’. Be that about the initiative being driven by Doc Searls called Vendor Relationship Management, Voter Rights,  the role of Social in making ‘the man’ sit up and listen.


The Grid is a new AI Platform for auto generating your web site. Bottom spend less time wrestling with code and more time doing what you do. Get the Grid now.

MacPaw are the people behind such excellent products as CleanMyMac and Gemini – and you know they are a fun company – just run your mouse over the team photos. Go sample their wares right now.


MailButler is a phenomenal extension to Mail.App – and it just keeps getting better. Try it for free right now. You won’t regret it.


Mighty Deals gives you regular deals to all kinds of goodies. For example – I use Microthemer as a WYSIWYG editor to this site’s RSS – that’s why you see changes going on all the time as I normalize the styling. Get me a Mighty Deal – right now.

Digital Ocean for when I need to do stuff outside of this WordPress environment – like my river … I turn to Digital Ocean. Get your services now.


Select Leaders is a highly focussed job board company providing access to Corporate Real Estate positions across America for qualified people.


Meanwhile, gleXnet is a new software platform that powers Global Expert Networks that allow organizations to understand and find the perfect person they need to do the work needed. Unlike other systems – the key here is that gleXnet seeks to not just fill roles – but ensure that the person’s needs are uniquely understood, considered and delivered as part of the role they take on.