First Love … Music

  • right now – i am selling a record catalogue, which is connecting me to all kinds of interesting people around the world
  • once that is done – i am working with the producer to develop an entirely new funding model for record production – in a genre of music that is totally me.
Both of these arguably sit outside of the business theme I have been developing …. PPP – People, Passion and Platforms – but come back to that at the end.
SelectLeaders … there is an element of PeoplePower … but it is a stretch – but anything that allows people to improve their lives by getting better jobs, plays well into that world. Also – once we have this thing rebuilt, I believe that there is a pile of stuff we can do to amplify the signal into the market – and position SelectLeaders as the ‘go to’ platform for RealEstate.
Music – a few of the people I am pitching are people already running platforms that connect musicians to music supervisors … but the main point here is that as soon as we can sell the catalogue, then we can move on to developing the new model, which will be a revisiting of how music gets funded. Moving it away from the industrialized model that the Big 6 enforced for years – to the point that the music publishing industry through their greed and lack of vision essentially imploded – and instead of now having a vibrant industry – have a broken one. The one that emerges will be something that directly connects musicians to the listeners. There are a tonne of such models out there where this is being explored. BUT, to my knowledge, which isn’t 100% THAT”s for sure … it is a pretty unique model.
Conclusion ?