The Menino: An Illustrated Love Letter to the Mysterious and Mystifying Creature That Is a New Baby – or so writes Maria Popova. I will let you read through Maria’s summary of the book, or you can even go buy it for yourself. Either way – who can resist the illustrations? I couldn’t, which is why a copy is on it’s way to Isla-Mae, Joanna and Rikki.

Just sharing a couple of art pieces to give you a taste ….


Isla-Mae is truly a very happy baby. This art must explain why. The happiness that exudes from Joanna and Rikki is palpable. And in turn is reflected in Joanna. It is just wonderful to see.


Wonderful - Rikki took the picture of Joanna on the right - the day before the book arrived. The picture on the left is the cover of the book. Serendipity ?