It’s Net Neutrality Day

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Curiously, some of the people I think SHOULD be supportive of Net Neutrality are not …

Just Amongst The Dave’s

Here’s Dave Winer on why he thinks Net neutrality is an issue for a set of big companies relative to another set. Users don’t have a reason to support one …

… I don’t agree, but there are other views – Dave Weinberger on why he thinks Net neutrality still matters. A lot.

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A Different Kind Of Company …

.. Or A Peek Into The Future?

Interesting read … and I for one doff my cap to anyone that can achieve this. Massive kudos. In the reading, I happened to note three things …

1) Valuation : Over $1 Billion

2) Revenue : $80 Million

3) Total Staff Count : 700

Which means that revenue per staff member is roughly $115K per person Here’s an interesting chart …

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Does Comcast Have A Suggestion Box?

Just in case they do …

… here are two thoughts for them (Image By Conrad Baker )

More Proactivity with keeping customers happy when things go wrong. This would include actually reading what customer send them. Here is an example of what that mean where I compare Customer Service at Comcast to Alaska Airlines. (This not a Comcast staff ding. It is a great big ding at Comcast Senior Management and their processes.)

Tiered customer service that understands that when ‘Joe’ calls they get the ‘grandad’s in trouble – put him through to the ‘let’s talk it all through again’‘ help desk. Through to when ‘Mary’ calls they get shot straight through to the ‘let’s talk using as many non-understandable TLA’s as we can’ desk – because they speak geek.

I am available to discuss how this can work whenever Comcast are ready.

Customer Service

What Makes It Great?

… I would argue that none of those words actually hits it.I think the word is ‘process’. And if you want a phrase … ‘customer-centric-process’.

I have written about Comcast before. A lot. In various places. This is one of my more recent ones. Fair warning, it seems to have become a tracking post for my ongoing Comcast conversations – so it does go on a bit. But, by reading it, you will start to understand.
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