… are nothing to do with The Blue Man Group …

.. and everything to do with Hacking.

I was introduced to John Draper (Captain Crunch) a few years ago. He’s still around, though sad to say he seems to have got caught up in a few ‘problems’ that seem to be taking out so many men. But even before that, he didn’t seem to be that ‘clean’ anyway … adding prison sentences, fraud and forgery to the rap sheet.

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Not All Experience’s Are Good

I’m confused by an ecosystem in which you need to meet archiac standards for a passport, which is a vital piece of identification (for example, it is a big help to getting a car which massively improves standard of life) whilst any rich dickhead can get their hands on and use these advanced weapons with relative ease.

Simon Woods
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I was in a shopping mall recently and so used the rare occasion to wander into the Tesla store – mall’s being where Tesla keep their Auto Stores – rather than the perfectly acceptable equivalent in ‘Auto Row’ where all other car dealers operate.

Anyway – that is another rant. This is referencing the fact that the three core Tesla models were on show – and – a rough guesstimate that some 30 to 35 ‘people’ were in there. The volume of sound was – to borrow a phrase – all the way up yo 11.

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And All That Sail In Her

I recently pinged a friend of mine from the 1999 crowd asking why he wasn’t on Micro.Blog … turns out he is … although he posts through RSS, so you can find him, but not engage. He was apparently on the platform back in the Kick Starter days – but found he wasn’t posting too much.

He wrote;

What do you feel are the benefits of the service, beside being “yet another blogging platform”? If you could help me understand the benefits, I might be more interested.

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