Argument over argument over argument

… this just a selection from the past few days.

Arguably Frasier Spiers gets the closest … the closest to what exactly? Well, the question as to whether the iPad is a PC replacement?

100% The Wrong QuestionThe questions are surely …

  • what are you trying to do?
  • what do you need to do?
  • what do you want to do?

Things like ‘read a book’, ‘write a book’, ‘watch a video’, ‘edit a soundtrack’, ‘write a novel’, ‘write a white paper’, ‘do my email’, ‘buy stuff from Amazon’ … the key decide what you want to do – the iPad and other tablets are better at doing some of those than a Mac/PC … and guess what … the Mac/PC are better at doing some of those than an iPad and other tablets.

Too many of these reviews are written by tech jocks who live in the past. Too many are writing from the point of view of what they want. Nobody seems to write from the point of view of what the hell do ‘we the people’ need from these things.

Personal observation – there is a very large number of people that have a computer that use it to ‘do email’, ‘check their bank account’, ‘visit Facebook’, ‘surf the we’ … and really – that is about it. An iPad will do that faster, more efficiently and with more engagement than any ‘Mac/PC’. Particularly if you wander outside with it and maybe want to take a photograph!


How About Looking At It Like This