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I was delighted to guest on Randall Rospond’s Manao Radio Show yesterday. Fun as always. Thought I would share the interview with some of the songs we played from The Beatles Sergeant Pepper’s and Pink Floyd’s First Album – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. I chose those two albums since Sergeant Pepper’s is inextricably linked with ’67 – and The Summer of Love – but you might have forgotten that 1967 was also the year when The Floyd released their first album. What you might not be so aware of is that both albums were recorded in Abbey Road – at round about the same time.

The Interview


The Music

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Oracle and Cisco side with the ‘stop net neutrality team’ … quelle surprise!

Supporting an overhaul of net neutrality is less about taking a political stance for Oracle and Cisco and more about boosting the bottom line, experts said. Both companies have major business interests in the telecommunications industry.

Read All About It At The Chronicle

… and are also more concerned about corporations than people. For a full take down on the broad topic …. John Oliver.

            One day after the <a href="https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/3/15534768/google-docs-phishing-attack-share-this-document-with-you-spam" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Google docs phishing expedition</a> - I received this email. Exactly the same modus operandi ... this time with Docusign.

Be careful out there ….