The Chicago Review of Books has made the decision to not review any books produced by Simon & Schuster during 2017. There has been a bit of an outcry … but herein lies a very considered argument for why it is the right thing to do. 

Specifically … Simon & Schuster have decided to publish a new book under their umbrella of “innovative ideas of contemporary conservatism” … I wonder how many conservatives will be happy with that association once they have read the book. If they read the book.

In return, The Chicago Review of Books decided that they … Continue reading

It is actually pretty easy to see spot it and if you are paying attention – when and how it starts. But you do have to not keep muttering to yourself – it’s ok – that can’t happen here.

I am also reminded of my own twitter bio : “Power for the few will be assumed through the inaction of the many. “

In the hope that as you read this, your eyes and ears are on high alert.

The following is from Robert Reich via Stowe Boyd …  Continue reading

I have been listening to a podcast with Alex Baldwin talking to Patti Smith. You can do the same … just follow the link. It’s a great podcast, recorded after she represented Bob Dylan to accept the Nobel Prize and even if you have read ‘Just Kids‘ you will find lots of insights into her life – and self.

Unusually for Baldwin’s podcasts, this was in front of a live audience and at the end of the podcast, the audience got to ask some questions. Continue reading