I posted this yesterday. Inside there is a quote I found from Steve Blank

Silicon Valley is more of a state of mind than a physical location.

It reminded me of another post of mine from earlier this year –  where I wrote about UC Davis, the importance of the work going on there, and the difference to what we see in Silicon Valley. I also touched on the apparent isolation of UC Davis from the Valley. Most of the people I meet in and through Davis – including companies. sponsors, coaches, mentors are Sacramento/Davis based. But make no mistake, the ‘state of mind’ is Silicon Valley.

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Engaging Collaboration was originally published on Biz Catalyst on October 17th 2016.

We live in a new era — mostly of self-expression, but not so much of listening. We are not Hamlet so much these days — we are broadcasters of the self… Selfhood is extremely important, of course — who can deny it? — but when you make the self the outer limit of your politics, you then begin to ignore a great deal of the attitudes, situations, dilemmas, misery of others. So there should be a limit, I think, on the limiting factor of selfhood.

Listening — that is, abandoning the self and abandoning yourself to another’s point of view — is what the internet has not really given us. It’s given us trolls, it’s given us tsunamis of opinion. Perhaps it’ll take a bend in the future that we can’t yet foresee.

Ian McKewan – Nutshell

“Like life, the Internet is non-linear. This week’s article builds on last week’s, but at the same time sets it up as I seek to focus on the collaborative aspects of engagement.

The need for collaboration gets bandied around a lot these days, but I remain convinced that few understand how it works in ‘collective creation’. No – we haven’t always done it. No, it is not ‘the team working around the table together’. And NO – virtualizing the team and doing daily scrum meetings do not collaborative teams make.

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