I just found this on one of my hard drive, and thought I would share. It is one of those ditties that highlights the wonderful vagaries of the english language.<!--more-->

My friends in Slough
have enough dough
To make enough bread
To sell to make dough
But with so much dough
They still dine in a trough
No time for niceties
When enough’s not enough

And It’s never enough – never,
the dough that they need
Note – need not kneed
Keep up with the screed …

So to keep it all coming
Their focus is work
And they nuzzle their truffles
And work they don’t shirk

Their prize is their payment
And it’s never enough
So they live day to day
And nuzzle truffles in troughs

And pigs truffles are rough
But tough truffles are rougher,
tough truffles cause coughs,
and that makes you suffer

bottom line deal – dough is just dough
Not found on a bird’s bough
Sure – the core’s needed
But the extras for show

And the extras are shiny
And bright and have fluff
And the extras allow you
to get more stuff

But of all that enough
We get it – it’s tough
But on a bough it’s just harder
Plus there’s no room for your stuff

The birds just have it
Fly free from the bough
Soar up to the clouds
No need for dough

But – do we fly ?
Escape from the coop ?
Reach for the sky ?
Or continue to stoop …
Into the trough of our life
With nose in the dirt
Lives all on hold
Trading all, including shirt

Cos when enough’s not enough
enough’s never enough
And with a focus on dough
You always want mo’

The solution is clear
Change yourselves now
Forsake the dough
and then take a bow

When all’s said and through
The choice is enough
dine in a trough
or fly from the bough