<strong>'Beauty' </strong>is just one of the 5 things that<strong> <span style="color: #92193c;">caught my eyes and ears</span> </strong>this past week that I wanted to share with you.

Aerial - - 07WWDC

You might not know what this is, but this is an annual conference that essentially provides early commentary from Apple about their technical direction. Ok – the World Wide Developers Conference is a whole lot more. But for you and me it is exactly that. This is a list provided by Brent Simmons, that he in turn had extracted from a group he belongs to in Seattle. It is a collection of ideas and thoughts and needs and requirements that at least one group of people think is important for Apple to be working on – and ideally announcing. Three that caught my eye as being very interesting.

+ Trials on the iOS and Mac App Store
+ Run iOS apps on Macs.
+ ARM-based MacBooks.

… but do click through for the whole list – remembering it is really a wish list – but damn – some of them will make it.

Your personal view into a future


Nothing more to be said than ‘if you haven’t seen it, then take the opportunity now.

It’s long – but worth it


Elon Musk, the ‘world’s raddest man’ will become a series of articles by Tim Urban. I really liked how he opened his piece – which drew me more completely into the full story.

This particular quote made me stand back and slowly drop my jaw. I mean, we all kind of know this, but summarized in this way, you get a sense as to why he is the absolute antithesis of Travis.

+ In 2002, before the sale of PayPal even went through, Musk started voraciously reading about rocket technology, and later that year, with $100 million, he started one of the most unthinkable and ill-advised ventures of all time: a rocket company called SpaceX.
Then, in 2004, as that “project” was just getting going, Musk decided to multi-task by launching the second-most unthinkable and ill-advised venture of all time: an electric car company called Tesla.
And since why the fuck not, a couple years later, in 2006, he threw in $10 million to found, with his cousins, another company, called SolarCity.

This century’s Edison ?

Brooklyn Bridge - Eugene de SalignacBeauty

Absolutely gorgeous – click through to get to all of the images, but here is a taste.


Remember that is a color picture of the Golden Gate being built … via Kottke

Imagine your life without color


And finally – ‘a little bit o’ fun’. You might not be a regular visitor to Github. I certainly am not, but even there humor kicks in from time to time. The full details are here … But here is project that caught my eye.

TrumpScript – a language based upon the illustrious Donald Trump … for example

+ TrumpScript does not allow the use of fractions or decimals – only whole integers, because America never does anything halfway.
+ If a user tries to run TrumpScript on a Microsoft Windows computer, it’ll produce this error message: “Windows? ‘The big problem this country has is being PC.’”

Humor is everywhere