A recent comment on a mail list  I belong to.

We already have distributed identity data. Our information is “everywhere”. It is not going to go away. Organizations are not going to change their existing systems.

And I thought – yup – it is an uphill battle. BUT then came the play from list contributor Don Marti.

There’s a lot of fraudulent and erroneous user data
out there, too. If an organization buys data without
consent of the user, it’s getting a certain percentage
of crap.

Part of making VRM work is to effectively increase
the percentage of crap in non-VRM systems, by helping
users protect themselves from non-VRM data collection.
Organizations don’t change willingly, but getting worse
and worse results from lower and lower quality data
will make them.

And I thought ‘double yup’. Excellent thoughts. I am contributing in my own way and also recently adopted Dave Winer’s way. Now we just need to get the other several hundred million (in the USA alone) people on board.