It was interesting to see Apple’s massive upgrade with Notes when they released El Capitan. But they aren’t stopping.


Apple’s Notes app, included as part of the upcoming OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan software update, has been confirmed to support Evernote .enex file format imports in what could be a move to convert users to the iCloud native format.

[ Source : Apple Insider ]

Translation – you will shortly have the ability to import all your Evernotes into Apple’s own note taking app – which for anyone who uses an Apple product (phones, pads and computers) is free and deeply embedded in all their products.

I find this particularly interesting in light of the massive changes Evernote itself is going through, shutting down 3 offices and losing 47 staff shortly after replacing their CEO in July. They are also high on the list of the Unicorn watchers – those ‘start ups’ that achieve $1 billion dollar valuations in the private markets, that some are saying are in massive danger. Then again, the CEO switch was to put in place a new leader – as they readied for an IPO.

This is what their new CEO had to say last September ) where he writes;

Evernote’s strength is in its core: notes, sync, and search. That’s where we’re going to focus.

Question : Is a note taking app worth an IPO valuation in excess of $1 Billion ?