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Buried in the pie chart above is an additional figure … Music – total spend £25,507 (yes – pounds – this was an English movie) … but that means just 3% of the total budget was given over to the music – whatever it was, musicians, producer, music supervisor …. that is not a lot.

When you spend 100 million on a movie, 3% still leaves you with  3 million to find some decent music to play. But as costs for movies continue to fall, the eternal dilemma of paying the artist emerges. If you only have  $40,000 dollars – some of which will include the admin and management – which will get paid first – the pie declines close to zero.

That is why I get excited by sites like Music Supervisor DOT com – who’s goal in life is to bridge the ever widening gap in properly resourcing films in the future and connecting movie makers and the music supervisors with great untapped music resources.

[ Source : American Film Market
The Full Costs and Income of a £1million Indie Film ]