In case not - the headline of the article <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">(found here)</a>, Why Ad-Blocking in iOS 9 Benefits Only Apple.

I run both Ghostery and uBlock – just to see what is being dumped on me by anyone.

Ad Blocking

On CheatSheet

  • uBlock – 30 requests blocked (across 4 out of 25 domains connected)
  • Ghostery found 17 trackers
  • The purple box at the bottom is the Ghostery list of those trackers – all of which have to be loaded for me to use the site.

The reason it benefits ONLY Apple is that if you got to and run the same test – you will find Ghostery finds nothing – and uBlock a single thing, probably because Apple doesn’t need that stuff.

Oh – and neither does the end user – you and me – because it slows down our experiences and fills our machines with stuff we don’t want, and causes us to be tracked and ….

But apparently CheatSheet DOES need it (se results above).

Maybe the good news is that what will happen – is that we find a better way to credit content delivery rather than the 21st century equivalent of bloatware.

Meanwhile – Kudos to CheatSheet for calling it Content-blocking in the article – then again – why ‘Ad-blocking’ in the headline ?



            On the face of it looks good no ? A simple Apple mail extension provided from Hubspot - that allows you to just check 'track mail' - just before you send, so that you know when someone opens your email. I used it selectively when I was trying to ensure that important things were being seen.

And then Today

Suddenly – none of my email was getting through to my recipients. I escalated to my ISP – Siteground – who really are VERY good BTW – who came back to me in three minutes to highlight that

The reason why the e-mails were bounced back is because they contain an URL which is blocked in the SPAM list

But – I wasn’t using Sidekick. So, I disabled it – and lo – mail goes through no problem. Needless to say – uninstalled completely.

Which brings me to the second #FAIL

To uninstall I had to use Chrome to go get an uninstall script. Easy enough to find – except when you run it – Apple security won’t let you open it because the script is from an unidentified developer.

So – across to ‘system preferences’ – and accept that running

is ok by me.

All now back to normal. MANY THANKS – again – to Siteground for such rapid response.

And SHAME on Hubspot for allowing their clever little side project to be added to a spam list – but even more – why not just identify yourselves for the uninstall.


            <pre>This post was originally published on August 8th 2015, and I have since appended two extensions to the theme - so republishing.</pre>

I dropped into a store this week to get a belt refurbished. Long story short … It will cost me $40 – about 25 % of the original cost – and that was a few years ago.

The lady explained the entire process. At the end of it I would happily have paid her to make an entirely new belt. She knows what she is doing.

Here’s the thing …

She pointed out that all she was going to do was refurbish – and then provide protection / to ensure that the belt really did last.

“That’s it” she said.

I want you to ‘be subversive’ – look after your stuff

Funny – later

Just watching a PBS report on Patagonia – don’t buy this jacket … essentially an entire marketing play on sustainability – I guess Patagonia are subversive.

There Must be something going on …

Just saw this … from Quartz :

I went 200 days without buying anything new and learned how toxic our need for possessions is

This post was originally published on August 8th 2015, and I have since appended two extensions to the theme - so republishing.

            How wonderfully coincidental. In Abstentia was the first Porcupine Tree album that I owned and through which, became aware of who Wilson was. Of course - by then (13 years ago) he already had a catalogue that most artists only dream of.

The hardback book looks at material from throughout Wilson’s career, starting with 2002 Porcupine Tree album In Absentia and ending with this year’s solo album Hand. Cannot. Erase.

[ Source : ]

            More reasons to be excited by iOS9 ...

iOS 9 comes with a new feature called ‘content blockers’ which allow developers to build apps for blocking advertisements.

[ Source : The Next Web via Doc Searls ]

More important, for our purposes, is that it’s VRM technology. It gives us a tool for personal agency. We can say no to stuff we don’t want.

[ Source : Doc Searls ]

And a more complete post from Doc Searls on this topic.