... bear with me.

I am old enough to remember Radio 1 going live on September 30th 1967. I remember Tony Blackburn – of Radio Caroline and Radio London opening with The Move’s Flowers In The Rain. Tony – never really been a fave … but that opening song 48 years later still does it for me.

New Zealander Zane Lowe moved to the UK 40 years later and has built an almost cult like – but definitely global – following – and it is he that launched Apple Music’s Beats One today.

Lowe took the lead in the inaugural broadcast, which began with City, a track from Spring King. Over its life, the station will feature one and two-hour blocks of shows from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Elton John, and Dr. Dre, and more.

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Spring King? City? Say what ?

As I write this post on the day of the Apple Music launch .. I note that their official video on YouTube has had 46,037 views.

Lets check back later. I am predicting that this is about to change their lives.

(50,458 just two hours later … but¬†only 84,250 a full week later … times have¬†changed … no ? check yourself now )