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I posted this to twitter and linkedIN yesterday – it seemed to resonate.

Another version – with supporting article is here. Which includes a better image, but not better clarity .. IMHO. There are other examples where the word ‘Resistance’ is replaced with ‘Gradual Change’. I think ‘Resistance’ is the right word. I need to find the RIGHT diagram – which I think is still the top one.


2 thoughts on “Managing Complex Change

  1. You’re absolutely correct. Avoiding the word “Resistance” is symptomatic of a subtle denial of various problems, which only emerge later, with greater force. Resistance to Change, particularly at the organizational level, is a natural, human response which, in turn, must be addressed consistently throughout the process. Watered-down vocabulary (most often, the result of conflict aversion) always leads to murky results, on down the line.

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