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One Degree of Seperation :

Back in the day I was a massive fan of a band that few have heard of today called Stackridge. They really were more one of the underrated bands of the time. Read About Their History Here. I got reminded and reconnected with them this past week – and EVERY bit as good as I remember them.

Two Degrees of Seperation :

Reading their biography, I discovered that two of Stackridge (James Warren and Andy Cresswell-Davis) were in fact the essence of another relatively obscure band called The Korgis. A little more commercial success – but again – never hit the mainstream. EXCEPT, one stunning song that has always been in my list of simply great songs …  “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime” … click on that  <<< link … if you want to listen to the original. To me, it has the poetic sensibility of the best of Pop – just like Jonathan King’s “Everyone’s Gone To The Moon”. (Side note – an exercise needs to be conducted that ties great pop songs to great progressive music through musicians – here’s your starter for ten.)

Three Degrees of Seperation :

When i was looking for the music on YouTube – I discovered that Beck had done a cover of that very same song. Hard to think that the original could be improved on – but it has.

Four Degrees of Seperation :

And the video that rode to the top in the search – someone’s home made video of their favorite scenes from the movie – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – which featured that song by Beck. [ Great Movie By The Way ]

Passion. Doing what you love.

You often hear people talking about doing just that. Forget ‘the man’ – follow your dreams. What is just wonderful is that Stackridge actually never really went away – they stuck to their ‘English Progressive’ roots – and kept the music coming. They still are – touring as both Stackridge AND the Korgis this very year. Passion indeed.

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