JP-FractalTwo observations as I sit on the JFK tarmac waiting for my Virgin America to take off.

The first centers around weather sophistication. Here on Virgin we are taking off just 4 hours and Thirty I minutes after the advertised time – apparently due to bad weather in SFO. A phone call ahead told me that there had indeed been rain falling in the early hours of the day – but not now – and likely not in the 5 or so hours that will pass before we land. So what’s that about ?

The case becomes even curiouser when we learn that Delta flights were taking off to SFO with no more than an hour delay … So next time you go in your holidays – choose Delta over Virgin. I don’t know how they do it – but apparently they get better weather At the destination.

Meanwhile – continuing the standards theme … I have oft’ lamented that if the world can’t agree on what electric plug to use – or what side of the road to drive on – what chance do we have on computerized standards .

After an experience a year ago with electronic boarding passes – by bar code got be through the airline gate – but not TSA – so I had to start again … Today I am delighted to report that my electronic pass worked throughout.

But do you hand your device to the inspector – or keep hold of it – and either way is it face up or face down — standards are yet to emerge apparently – even in the single airport of JFK.

Talking of which to arrive in JFK – from SFO – shoes, belts etc stayed on – computers stayed in bags. On my return – belts, shoes and pockets were emptied. Computer out of bag – but you were ok to leave ‘devices’ in the bag. Duly followed all instructions – and my bag was consequently held up as they hand inspected it – apparently a kindle PLUS iPad caused machine confusion.

Cest La Vie !