I cant say I have tried ALL of these - but definitely a lot of them. The problem is that there isn't a single one that does it for me .... how about you?

So Here Are The Questions

  • Any you would add ?
  • Any you would vote up / down ?

Here Are The Choices

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21 thoughts on “Web Conferencing

  1. I am a bit surprised there has been no mention of Google Hangouts. It is free, You can have up to 10 Face-to-Face participants and this streams live on Google+ and YouTube (which Google owns now) to any number of viewers. When the Hangout is over, it automatically uploads to YouTube. Set your preferred privacy settings to share or not. Can’t beat the price either. (FREE) It gets even better, for me, because I market on Facebook, there are Facebook apps that now support the Google hangout live feed.

  2. John, for me I prefer gotomeeting. it has everything I need for my training sessions with my clients. I have been using it for about a year now and I hold 5 or more training sessions a week. For me I need the session recorded, the ability to view their computer and also to be able to take control of their keyboard and mouse. Thanks for listing the others, some I have not investigated. I guess my motto if it is not broke don’t fix it!!! LOL

  3. Never, ever in your wettest, wildest dreams even think about using Webex. The quality is appalling and the “customer service” is worse than non-existent. Their dreadful technology almost pulled a company of mine down. Ever since then – and with NO response to regular complaints – I have only got regular requests to join their free trials etc!

    If they are the only option for a conference with a client, I’d walk to meet him/her. If the client was in the USA, I’d swim the Atlantic rather than trust my business to them.

  4. Tried a few adobe drove me crazy never connected well like Skype – go to meetings – web ex not so much don’t know the others …. :/ not sure what’s the best options

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