social-enterprise-cloud-wordsIf you are thinking about your social enterprise – have a read of this – Spot on. People, Process and Technology‘ are of course there – just as they are in our Reality Works Methodology. But then add to that Measurement and Governance.

His point on ‘**Measurement**’ is truly important – bottom line – don’t make stuff up. You already have corporately agreed measurements in place – think KPIs …. Use those. Ask yourself – how does what I am doing map to those KPIs?

And then ‘**Governance**.’ That is going to vary depending on your organization …. But again – the key is don’t reinvent the wheel – find who is responsible and adopt their work.

But then – the piece de résistance.

…. it occurred to me while reading it that I was missing a critical question at the end, so I am adding it… Can we put social business behind us now and move to an evolved version of business that needs to deal with cloud, mobility, and complex analytics?)

Hallelujah … though not totally for the same reason – but the over use of SocialXXX is nuts. We are moving out of the industrialization of everything phase – very fast – and into a brave new world. Social xxx is really just xxx, because if it isn’t at your company already – it will be dying shortly.