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Time to introduce an extra style of post in this blog. For a while now I have been posting short commentaries on links and information that I found out there. I add a little relevant thumbnail that depicts some aspect of the theme – add the link – and heh presto — DONE!

Time to shift. Those posts will continue – and so will the second style just recently introduced that presents the content itself as a video / slide show.

The third is really little more than a link post. I have recently been posting those into Facebook – but that annoys me so much – it breaks up the narrative. So from this point on – I will post those links here …. Thanks to my new friend Blogsy.

I wrote about Blogsy a while back – and since then – been experimenting. I think I have got the hang of it – so pushing it out as part of my workflow, because when posting from Blogsy – it is coming from my iPad – where I consume far more information than on my Mac.

I have tried adding stuff to Instapaper / Read It Later et al …. but they again are designed to consume – I don't think about reading stuff on my Mac – so on my pad I save it to Instapaper – and then it gets opened in Instapaper on the pad again – no benefit.

Hence the plan.

Is it just me ? Or do you wrestle with where you create versus where you consume – I see it is a seamless process. How about you?