blogsy_blogging_app_for_ipad_1The links in this post is two months old – and the writer waxes lyrical on the Microsoft Surface.


Because it has a keyboard and a touch screen.

Why is that important ?

Because apparently he can’t write posts on anything but a ‘real’ keyboard.

NEWSFLASH – I am writing this post on a REAL keyboard – it’s built right in to the iPad. And you know the amazing thing ? When I don’t need it – the keyboard just goes away. Meanwhile, the app I am using on the iPad is Blogsy – my iPad blogging platform of choice – to write this all out. (so you might imagine why I am confused in reading why the Surface is essential – at least for that reason).

Meanwhile – two months later – I am still waiting to hear about the massive sales that Surface has ratcheted up as a result of this extraordinary vision – a physical keyboard.

I seem to be on a roll today. John Gruber is another blogger that one day I hope to meet. He has a thread of thought running through his blog Daring Fireball called Claim Chowder. John – I offer this up to you as my contribution to your ever growing archive calling out the ‘experts’ that we keep on listening to – but seem to avoid accountability.