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In his latest post he wrote about a guy he wants to work with. Did not name him.

Clicked through and found a twitter account. I followed.

About 6 tweets down there is a reference to Fractals – you will recall that Fractals are things that I like and think about in terms of business analogies.

This is that Fractal reference : Fractals and Stories.

Wholly Mohly – dont you just love it when something as complex as The Mandelbrot set is explained in three paragraphs. (Caveat – the post is a lot longer than three paragraphs – but is support for the basic premise:

1) Take a grid, like graph paper, that’s labeled with an x and y axis. Draw a circle that’s 4 units wide, centered at x = 0, y = 0. Put a bead somewhere in the circle and mark its starting x and y. Now move it according to this formula:

2) Find the square of its present x position, subtract the square of its y position, and add the original x position. Slide it to that value on the x axis.

3) Double its present x times its present y, and add the original y. Move the bead to that point on the y axis.

4) Repeat.

 If the bead doesn’t leave the circle before you get bored, leave the dot where it started. If it does leave the circle, erase it. Then try with another starting point.

UPDATE :: Jonathon Coulton is the ex Yahoo Troubadour who provides this little ditty about Fractals and The Mandelbrot set. Not sure whether I am more surprised that there is a song about Fractals – or that Yahoo employed a Troubadour !!!

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