<a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/apple2.jpeg"><img src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/apple2-150x150.jpg" alt="" title="apple2" width="150" height="150" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-256" /></a>Hand's up if you were surprised that John Browett was let go from Apple earlier this week ? I wasn't. My biggest surprise was how long he lasted.

Here Is My Original Post back in February

Personally – I think GigaOm had the right call at the time – let me requote Bobbie Johnson:

On the other hand, for those who know Dixons as it exists in the real world, the reaction was somewhat different: the most common refrain I saw was “Has Tim Cook ever been in a Dixons store?”

            <a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/richard_feynman.jpg"><img src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/richard_feynman-150x150.jpg" alt="" title="richard_feynman" width="150" height="150" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1601" /></a>My thanks to <a href="http://kottke.org/12/10/richard-feynmans-last-interview" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Jason Kottke</a> for this link ....

“Western civilization, it seems to me, stands by two great heritages. One is the scientific spirit of adventure — the adventure into the unknown, an unknown which must be recognized as being unknown in order to be explored; the demand that the unanswerable mysteries of the universe remain unanswered; the attitude that all is uncertain; to summarize it — the humility of the intellect. The other great heritage is Christian ethics — the basis of action on love, the brotherhood of all men, the value of the individual — the humility of the spirit.

These two heritages are logically, thoroughly consistent. But logic is not all; one needs one’s heart to follow an idea. If people are going back to religion, what are they going back to? Is the modern church a place to give comfort to a man who doubts God — more, one who disbelieves in God? Is the modern church a place to give comfort and encouragement to the value of such doubts? So far, have we not drawn strength and comfort to maintain the one or the other of these consistent heritages in a way which attacks the values of the other? Is this unavoidable? How can we draw inspiration to support these two pillars of western civilization so that they may stand together in full vigor, mutually unafraid?

Is this not the central problem of our time?”

            <a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/steve-ballmer.jpg"><img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1594" title="steve-ballmer" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/steve-ballmer-150x150.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="150" /></a><a href="http://www.cringely.com/2012/10/25/on-win8-launch-day-a-look-back-at-steve-ballmer-circa-2001" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Cringely - 11 years ago</a>

… and this is something I never knew – did you ?

“In the late 1980s, when Microsoft was approaching the release of Windows 3.0 — the first version of the software to do more or less what it claimed — Ballmer borrowed almost $50 million against his Microsoft stock and anything else he owned, using the money to buy more Microsoft shares. Software tycoons don’t do things like this. They don’t buy shares in their company, they sell them. Gates has never bought a single share of Microsoft, but Ballmer did, and that $50 million grew over the following decade to more than $14 billion, earning him the CEO job he has today.  Ballmer, more than any other Microsoft employee, is literally invested in his job.”

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If you don’t know Sprout Social – maybe it’s time you did.

Read what Venture Beat have to say about them.

You get a free 30 day trial, costs $39 per month to manage up to 10 profiles.

And the user list includes;

Yahoo, Microsoft, Mailchimp, Fender and Benjamin Moore.

Here’s a list of what they say they do :

  • Publish and schedule updates across social channels with a single click
  • Monitor your brand and competition across social channels and the web
  • Connect with highly targeted customers through Discovery tools
  • Measure success with robust reporting and analytics
  • Collaborate with our team, tasks and permissions tools


So SproutSocial brings all conversations from multiple social networks down to a single stream, with full conversation history in one place. Multiple users can dip their toes in that same stream without crossing wires, and queue up content to be released at optimal, spaced times.

“For people who aren’t used to a bunch of information on the screen, something about the efficiency of our interface resonates,” says Howard.

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.. Well big businesses as well, but I am increasingly interested in how small businesses can really utilize all the amazing stuff out there. There is so much, that sometimes it is too much. Ok – let’s be honest – it is too much – which is arguably the same as none at all – because you get frozen into NOT making a decision.

Read on for the full 411 – to find out where you should be focussed as a small business, what you should be paying attention to – and start to think about managing your online reputation.

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Truly tough to understand EdgeRank. Even tougher it seems to try to predict exactly how much your posts, links and comments will be seen – much less when, by who, how often. Yet another challenge to the business in this increasingly complicated world we live in.

Click through for the full 411


            <a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/jobopp.jpeg"><img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1402" title="jobopp" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/jobopp-150x150.jpeg" alt="" width="150" height="150" /></a>


Don’t do advertising on this blog.

Not a big fan of Groupon – no real reason – just not my kind of company.

So imagine your surprise as I provide this link to essentially an advert for design help needed by Groupon. Seriously – all kinds of designers, all kinds of media, all kinds of locations – hell, you don’t even need to join them – work as a contractor or freelancer.

Off you go now …..

            <a href="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/customer-centricity.jpg"><img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-1422" title="customer-centricity" src="http://beyondbridges.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/customer-centricity-150x150.jpg" alt="" width="150" height="150" /></a>A while back I started writing about a method called The 4 CS that I came up with longer ago than I care to admit to - with a focus on





The next C in the series is ‘The Customer’.

My focus throughout my career has been the customer and I remain customer centric in all that I do. To quote my own bio “no matter where he is focussed at any given moment, he knows that nothing can be managed in isolation and always approaches the challenges holistically, not as a ‘point solution’. As he says “While there are many things that can make an organization successful, it is often contextual. The core focus for success has to be your customer and the corollary – not understanding your customer – will maximize the ‘opportunity for failure’.”

Continue reading

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I recently did a guest spot on Ellen Harris’ show where we talked about a raft of things including personal branding, personal messaging and getting yourself into your ideal position inside a company. We covered off some personal tools that I keep top of mind – which are existing ideas and concepts already out there – but which I like to apply to how you might think about yourself,

We also rapped on the nature and meaning of social business and what people need to be thinking about if they were working to introduce that into their company.

It was a fun hour – it went out live and I am guessing that Ellen enjoyed it aswell – since I have just discovered that she is replaying the interview three more times ….

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