I started writing this short series yesterday with a little introduction focussed on Creativity.

Today, I want to extend that thought into the concept of something that builds on creativity. You have created your piece it is rising above the cacaphony, the clutter of life – but if it doesn’t connect with what you are about as a person, an organisation, an enterprise a charity …. whatever it is – then so what?

As I suggested yesterday – being creative is hard enough – but it must connect – you to your audience. That’s why it needs to be clever.

Clever – so that the creativity touched back to the core of your campaign, your programme, your message.

An extreme example ? Most people would agree that Picasso was creative. But. Simply using a piece of his art to catch attention and rise above the clutter will do nothing.

As an example – what would Guernica be saying about your product ?

A Creative and Clever Campaign or Communication would absolutely rise above the clutter AND – once attention has been gained – the audience will understand how that piece ties into the essence of the message you are conveying.

At the risk of overusing Apple as an example – consider the original iPod ads. Creative? Absolutely. They rapidly separated themselves from the clutter that surrounded them. Clever? Totally. What you saw was a simple message – 1,000 songs in your pocket, outlined images of people enjoying themselves – listening to music – dancing in a very very simple way – one of the core messages of Apple.

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